Business Advice for Startup Entrepreneurs

Here are some unusual startup business advice lessons from my friends about starting your own business. I’ve taken notes at many CEO Space events and don’t always remember who was speaking. Because CEO Space is a non-competition cooperative business conference, I know their faculty members won’t mind me sharing this cumulative startup business advice. (CEO Space is Forbes#1 Conference for Entrepreneurs.)

No matter who you listen to regarding business advice, you will always make your own business choices in life. Sometimes you believe you have no options so you let yourself be pushed along with the flow ignoring others’ startup business advice. In some cases, outside conditions may be the true situation pushing you. However, have you ever wondered why a friend’s business closed or why one of your favorite businesses failed? You think you understand their failures so you try not to make the same mistakes. Hopefully, you will gain some knowledge from this advice to help your business thrive.

The Numer One Startup Business Advice Is LOVE

One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard is Steve Farber. He teaches entrepreneurs to Love your clients, love your employees, love your co-workers, love your vendors and to permeate your business with loving relationships. Another friend taught me to love my business like my baby. I believe that if you create something others will love more than their money, you have a good start. Therefore, love your product! If any element is missing love in your business, go back to the drawing board. Add love to get the emotional charge necessary for success.

The MOST Important Business Attribute You Need Is INFLUENCE

You need to influence others to do what you want them to do. From hiring employees to selling your business product, you need to have influence over people before they trust you. Build influence on consistent integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. Also, build influence by demonstrating that others follow your advice. Gather testimonials, endorsements, and friends who communicate with you online in public. Because most people search online for something they want or need before purchasing, you must build an authority website with important SEO backlinks so buyers find you. Don’t be tempted into buying fake social media accounts. Searchers will spot a fake social media account when no friends or buyers are talking back online. You need real Influence to have the Impact to Increase your Income.

Startup Business Advice on PRODUCTS

As stated above, your product must be lovable. Furthermore, your product or service must be needed, valuable, desired, and ethical. Think about your prospective clients or customers and create something that makes their life easier and more profitable. People buy things that they believe will make them loved, healthy, wealthy, and respected. They purchase things to make their lives easier so they get more love, health, wealth, and respect. Good business begins with great products priced right.

Filter Startup Business Advice

You’ll get lots of startup business advice from well-meaning family and friends. Often, it’s professionals like business employees, doctors, and teachers who have never been in business management who give you business advice with misguided authority. Let your intuition guide you and don’t be easily influenced erroneously. 

The Number One Mistake Startup Businesses Make

The former CFO of Walmart, Harry Lay, found a system to build Walmart stores faster, which made millions more and helped to build many stores in a shorter period of time. Harry told me at the Last CEO Space forum that small businesses’ failure rate has soared from the standard during the last century. Today, over 90 percent of startup businesses fail. The reason? Not enough people know about them and what they can do for their customers. Don’t let that happen to you. You must let your prospective customers know you, love you, and trust you. You need publicity.

Unusual Solution to Save Startup Business

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