With each new year (or month, or week), people think of setting resolutions and goals for the future . . . or of not bothering because it’s too hard to keep them.

People wonder why it’s so hard. According to business consultant, Barbara Loraine (whose alter-geo is as director of and talent for GiGi B Club for kids), there’s only one explanation: It’s Monsters!

“You see, for every goal we set, there’s a monster waiting to pull us off track! While in GiGi B stories, we talk about monsters, monsters a compelling – and fitting – analogy for adults to learn from. 

As Joey Choo Choo, host of GiGi B Club’s, “Choosing Game,” says: “You’ll learn how monsters work to spoil your plans and prevent you from reaching your goals.” As some examples:

– Want to lose weight? Lola Lotsa Monster’s message is irresistible, “You simply must eat . . . a lot! I’m the one who teaches all kinds of foods to speak! From cake to ice cream, pizza to popcorn, surely you’ve noticed how they call out to you . . . by your name. They won’t stop tempting you until you have stopped resisting me, and eat, eat, eat.”

– “Setting a goal of getting in shape?” Joey continues, “Lazy Leon Monster is there, whispering in your ear, “You don’t have time, you don’t have the energy, or the worst of all, ‘you can start tomorrow.’ And of course, tomorrow never comes!” 

– “Or do you want to get out of debt?” asks Joey. “Good luck with that! Evie Envy Monster has other plans for you!” As Evie says, “Don’t budget or cut back on shopping! Shop and buy everything you want and everyone will envy you! And that’s what you really want, isn’t it? You don’t want to just ‘keep up with the Jones’s, you want to be the Joness!” 

As GiGi B, Loraine explains, “My puppets I and share an important message about how monsters rob us of our resolve and what we can do to stay on track. “ 

There’s lots that kids – and the child inside every adult – can learn from GiGi B, along with Joey Choo Choo, Lola Lotsa, Lazy Leon, and Evie Envy Monsters.

It’s as GiGi B says to kids (of all ages), “You thought the monsters were under your bed, turns out, they are inside your head.

Barbara Loraine is a serial entrepeneur, author of several business books, including, “Claim Your Acres of Diamonds,” with JoyPublications. 

She has been a personal and corporate development trainer, columnist for the San Diego Daily Transcript, adjunct faculty, and more.

As GiGi B, Loraine  is a children’s book author, of “What Happens When You Leave the Door Open” and “Where Do The Socks Go?”(coming soon). She is the program director at GiGi B Club for Kids. Her mission is to share “Learning and Love” with kids from 2 to 9 years old. However, the messages – including how monsters work to pull us off track – are valuable for the child inside every adult. 

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