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Author: Jeanette JOY Fisher

Business Plans

Easy, Quick Business Plan Template This Business Plan Template is designed to get you started, keep you from overwhelm when your head is spinning with ideas and dreams, and to help you keep your inspirations organized. Once you get a more clear definition of your bushiness, you may want to seek professional help for a formalized ten page or more Business Plan. This is not a plan to use to get investor funding. This plan is for the entrpereneur who wants to build their own dream without too much outside help....

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How to Start a Business in 2018

Your friend or a family member has a few weeks before 2018 to create a new business. What advice would you give? Hello from Jeanette JOY Fisher, Please answer in the comments below and I’ll write an article combining all the best tips, ideas, information, inspiration and more. You’ll get credit, a backlink, connections to your social media accounts, and my appreciation. Love,...

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