Author: Jeanette JOY Fisher

Business Startup Checklist to Avoid Unknown Blindspots

Entrepreneurs Business Startup Checklist If you’re an entrepreneur, a Business Startup Checklist helps you focus on your dream. Here’s a checklist of actions you need to take to build the business life you desire. ARE BLINDSPOTS KEEPING YOU FROM YOUR DREAM? What’s standing between where you are now and where you want to be? Sometimes we don’t even know what we’re missing because we don’t know what we don’t know. Learn everything you can and keep on learning.  Let me explain the action steps and then give you a startup business checklist of actions you need to take on your direct path...

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Unusual Startup Business Advice for Entrepreneurs

Business Advice for Startup Entrepreneurs Here are some unusual startup business advice lessons from my friends about starting your own business. I’ve taken notes at many CEO Space events and don’t always remember who was speaking. Because CEO Space is a non-competition cooperative business conference, I know their faculty members won’t mind me sharing this cumulative startup business advice. (CEO Space is Forbes#1 Conference for Entrepreneurs.) No matter who you listen to regarding business advice, you will always make your own business choices in life. Sometimes you believe you have no options so you let yourself be pushed along with the flow...

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